Matlab & Simulink

Analysis and Design

Matlab is the programming platform designed to perform efficient computational tasks on large sets of numbers. You will find it useful for:

  • processing large sets of data
  • building models
  • process any algorithm.

But in contemporary world who doesn't use numbers? That's why Matlab is used in almost every discipline: engineering, signal processing, communication, signal processing, image processing, control systems, measurements, physics, medicine, finance or psychology.

The aim of the course is to introduce yourself to the world of Matlab. Along 11 weeks you will get the understanding of the Matlab fundamentals and main applications. Then, you will be asked to use this knowledge to design an algorithm that solves the given problem.

Please take into account that this course covers Matlab excercises only. The Simulink is included in "Matlab & Simulink 2".

Minimum requirements

English language: B2 (CEFRL)


Teaching contact