Mathematics for Economics and Business


The goal of the course is to explain to students the basic concepts and relationships of mathematics which are widely used in solution of problems of modern economy and business.
The course does no dwell just on mathematical formalities but also appeals to intuition. As much as possible, problems are introduced through real-life situations; the mathematics needed to handle similar situations is developed then. Examples are selected to show linkage to current applications in the economic theory and business. Abstraction and sophisticated mathematical theory is balanced with the practical application possibilities in the economy, without sacrificing an understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts.
Tasks of the course:
1. To look at mathematical models of market economy
2. To look at the economic interpretation of the derivative - marginal ratios
3. To look at the concept of flexibility and its economic interpretation
4. To look at the theory of production functions
5. To look at the economic interpretation of partial derivatives
6. Consider the simplest integrals used in economics

Minimum requirements

English language: B2 (CEFRL)


Teaching contact